3 Steps For Installing Patterned Carpet Tiles

Using patterned carpet tiles is a wonderful way to give a room some personality while keeping the room's original flooring intact underneath it. While it will be sure to work great over hardwood, they can also be installed on tile flooring as well. The installation process is simple to do by yourself. Just make sure to follow these 3 steps.

Materials and Tools

You'll need all of these items before you can proceed with the installation.

  • Patterned carpet tiles with self adhesive backing
  • Utility knife
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Painter's tape

1. Center The First Tile

It's crucial that you get the first patterned carpet tile in the exact center of your room. It will help to take several measurements to do this, since placing the center tile incorrectly can result in the patterned carpet tiles being noticeably slanted when you get to the row that is placed against the wall.

Start by measuring the walls of the room, and mark the center of the walls with a piece of painter's tape. Then find the center of an edge of one of the carpet tiles, and line it up with the center of each wall. Use painter's tape to mark off where both edges of your carpet tile line up on the wall. Repeat this step for each wall.

You will then use a long strip of your painter's tape for connecting those new marks with the same marks on the wall across from it. The end result will be a square exactly in the center of your room that's the same size of your patterned carpet tile. Remove the adhesive backing and place the first tile here.

2. Develop A Pattern For The Tiles

Now you can roughly lay out the pattern for the remaining tiles by placing them around the center tile. Do not attach any carpet tiles to your floor during this step. You will be changing the pattern around until you get it to a point where you like it. Expect the tiles that surround the edge to be bigger than the remaining space for them. If you are happy with the pattern, you can trim these individual tiles with a utility knife.

3. Install the Tiles

Work around your center tile for the installation. Start by picking up a temporarily placed tile, peal off the adhesive backing, and stick it to the floor. You'll want to apply pressure across the entire tile to ensure that it has completely stuck itself to your floor. Continue working outward as you place tiles so that they will be installed straight.

For more info on patterned carpet tiles, speak to a local flooring contractor in your area.

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