Beautiful Eco-Friendly Alternatives To Exotic Hardwood Flooring

For homeowners who like to be unique and who want to install floors that take their home to new levels of class and sophistication in the process, they may be drawn to exotic hardwood flooring. If this is the case for you and your home, you may be wondering if there is a more eco-friendly and sustainable flooring option for you than these beautiful options that are generally harvested unregulated in areas of South America and Africa. Get to know some beautiful alternatives to exotic hardwood floors that are just as unique and classy.

Strand Bamboo Flooring

One of the most environmentally-friendly and sustainable flooring options around is bamboo flooring. The bamboo plant is harvested by cutting the plant just above ground level. This allows the bamboo to regrow without fully uprooting it, preventing soil erosion as well as preventing the destruction of an otherwise healthy plant.

As such, compared to exotic hardwoods that may be harvested through the clear-cutting of entire forests, bamboo is a very eco-friendly choice. It can also be made to look like some of the most sought-after exotic hardwoods, like zebrawood and tiger wood. These two types of exotic hardwoods have contrast striping, meaning they combine features of light and dark hardwoods in a striped pattern. Strand bamboo flooring looks very similar to this flooring without the ecological impact that the exotic hardwoods have.

Laminate Wood Flooring

Another option to consider if you fall in love with the look of a certain exotic hardwood flooring option like Brazilian rosewood or mahogany, is to find a laminate flooring option that has a finish that looks like your favorite exotic hardwood. This is also a budget-friendly option as laminate flooring is far cheaper than solid hardwoods. You can talk with a flooring expert, like Unique Flooring & Design, for more information on budget-friendly options.

Laminate flooring comes in planks, much like natural hardwood, but has a core of resins and other material as well as layers of engineered wood. There are a wide variety of exotic hardwood finishes available in laminate flooring to suit your style and tastes; plus, it is a more sustainable option than newly harvested and imported exotic hardwood floors.

Reclaimed Exotic Hardwood Floors

If you absolutely cannot find an alternative flooring that would be a good substitute for the exotic hardwood flooring you love, you can also find reclaimed exotic hardwood for your flooring project. Reclaimed hardwoods are high quality and well-maintained hardwoods that have been used in other construction or projects, but have been removed and sold for use in other projects and home applications.

Reclaimed exotic hardwood allows you to get the flooring you want (through the recycling process) without worrying about doing further ecological damage to troubled regions of the world. It is also much less expensive than newly harvested hardwoods, allowing you to get the best of both worlds.

Now that you know some of the beautiful alternatives to exotic hardwood flooring, you can be sure that you are making the flooring choice for your home that suits your tastes and your beliefs at the same time.    

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