Speed Up Your Hardwood Refinishing With A Drum Sander

One of the best things about having a hardwood floor is that you can refinish it when you want to give your room a fresh look. If you want to completely alter the look of your hardwood floor, you can actually refinish it quite easily. It is a messy project, but it is relatively simple. Of course, you want to make sure you have the right tools for the job. Most importantly, you need to figure out how to sand off the existing finish. If you are only sanding a small area or room, you might be able to get away with using a handheld disc sander. However, it is much easier to refinish a full size room if you use a drum sander. This article explains how to prep and use a drum sander.

Prepping for the Sanding

There is actually quite a bit of work that you need to do before you even use the sander. So, if you're planning on renting the sander, wait until your space is completely ready. First, you need to get everything out of the room and vacuum it. Then, you need to cover your walls or baseboard. If the side of your drum sander runs into your walls, it can literally tear them up. Unfortunately, taping them off with painters tape is not sufficient. The drum sander will tear right through it. The easiest solution is to find cardboard and cut it into strips that you can then tape along the baseboard or bottom of the wall. To be safe, make sure you cover at least 6" of the wall.

Using the Sander

A drum sander is kind of like a very powerful vacuum. Once it is powered on, it can literally jolt forward and pull you with it. The first rule is to always have two hands on the handle as you power it on. The second rule is to always keep the sander moving along the floor when it is on. You don't want the sander to be stuck in one place while it is sanding down a dip in the floor. Try and sand in rows so you don't do too much overlapping. This makes it easier to ensure an even and uniform finish.

Once you are finished sanding your floor, you can clean it and prepare to refinish it. Using a drum sander will definitely help you speed up this half of the job. To learn more, contact a flooring company like Cooper Floors

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