Two Hardwood Floor Care Tips

Hardwood floors can be a popular flooring option due to the aesthetics and durability of hardwood. Unfortunately, these floors will require special care to keep them in the best shape possible, and there are many homeowners that are not particularly aware of the steps needed to care for hardwood flooring. To this end, you should consider using these two tips to keep your hardwood floors looking the best you possibly can.

Avoid Using Hairspray Over Exposed Hardwood Flooring

The process of getting ready to go to out can be lengthy, and it is common for individuals that are in a rush to scurry throughout the house when they are getting ready. During this haste, some people may make the mistake of using hair spray over their hardwood floors. When using hairspray, a large amount will fall to the ground, and if you have hardwood flooring, the hairspray can dry and leave a stubborn film. Once this film dries, it can be exceedingly difficult to remove, and it may make that part of your floor more slippery than necessary. As a result, you should immediately wipe the floor with a damp rag after using hairspray. While this may make your process of getting ready a few minutes longer, it can be a small price to pay for keeping your floor safe.

Have Minor Scratches And Chips Repaired As Soon As Possible

Whether it is from moving furniture or walking across the floor with a rock in the bottom of your shoes, hardwood can be particularly vulnerable to scratching. When scratches form, they can make it easier for the wood to start rotting by making it easier for moisture to seep into it. Fortunately, you can easily repair hardwood with a kit that can be purchased from most home supply stores. These kits contain a clear solution that can be applied over the damaged area of the floor. When this solution dries, it will form a clear and protective coating over the wood, which can stop the damage from worsening.

Improper maintenance of hardwood flooring can drastically shorten its lifespan as well as compromise the appearance of the floor. Caring for your hardwood floors does not have to be a stressful or difficult task for you to do. Making sure that you understand the importance of avoiding the use of hairspray near the floors as well as how to repair minor scratches will help you to ensure your home's floors stay in the best condition possible. For more hardwood flooring advice, check out websites like

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