Want More Carpeting In Your Home? Pick The Right Places For Installation

As a homeowner, you will likely develop preferences over time regarding features. For instance, you might like quartz countertops over butcher block due to the material's natural resistance to heat and scratches. As for the flooring, you may love the carpet that you have in the main living areas around the house. You may enjoy it so much that you want to have more of it in your home, but there are certain places that it is not ideal. Luckily, you can find a few spots where you can have a flooring company like Masters Flooring install carpeting.

Kid's Bedroom

The master bedroom may already have carpeting, but the other bedrooms may have hardwood or tile flooring. While these floor types have their own advantages, you may prefer carpeting for several reasons, but especially because they can make sure your child is safer when they are in their bedroom. Carpet will make falls less painful and it will minimize the chance of something breaking when it hits the floor. If your kid goes to school, you can have a professional install the carpet while they are at school on a weekday.


The stairway in your home may look attractive in its current state. While hardwood may look great on each stair, you can also make it look great by having a company install carpeting. It is up to you to decide whether you want to match the rest of the carpet in the home or go for a unique option that makes the stairway stand out. It may be worth going for a neutral or dark color that will not show dirt or stains as easily because you know that the stairs will receive heavy foot traffic and build up dirt at a quick rate.

Walk-In Closet

If you have a walk-in closet or two in your home, you may not notice the flooring that much. But, this is also another place where you can replace the flooring with carpeting. You may have grown used to walking on a hard surface when looking at your wardrobe, but you will grow to appreciate the softness that you get to enjoy when you have carpet in a walk-in closet. This kind of flooring will also do a better job at controlling dust because it will stay on the carpet and then you can vacuum it up regularly.

Even though you may be able to find carpet throughout most of your home, you should not hesitate to add it to these areas when you love this flooring type and what it provides.

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