Benefits Of Installing Commercial Floor Troughs In Your Barn

When you run a massive dairy farm, there is a lot of work to be done. The last thing you want to do is go sliding through manure and urine just as a cow is backing up or walking into a milking pen. While old school barns typically have downward sloping floors to allow urine to travel away, you cannot really get rid of much else besides constantly scooping and scraping. Why not try commercial floor troughs in your barn? Here are just a few of the benefits.

Urine and Liquid Manure Go into the Drains

Cows get diarrhea just like people do. Unfortunately, with the older system of barn flooring, the liquid manure stays behind while the urine trails off. With the commercial floor troughs, both the urine and liquid manure can go directly into the drain while the cow is being milked. As for more solid manure, a pressure sprayer can liquefy it and send it down the trough drains with the rest.

Birthing Fluids Can Go into the Drains, Too

Heifers and cows giving birth produce a lot of amniotic fluids and blood. Sometimes a good bed of hay catches that, but a lot of it drains off too. By putting the commercial drains in and around the birthing stalls in the barn, these fluids can empty into the drains as well. 

Cows Will Not Stumble, Fall and Break a Leg

Cows have notoriously fragile legs, despite carrying almost a ton of weight. That is why they frequently stumble, fall, and break legs. If something cannot be done to save the legs, the cows are put down and the farmers suffer a major financial loss. If you can prevent broken legs in your barn, that is money in your pocket.

Commercial floor troughs have grates on them that allow liquid and small particle solids to pass through them. They also disallow the tripping and falling of cows, since the grates are flat, and the cows cannot get their hooves stuck in the grates. Hence, the cows walk right over these grates and into their milking pens without a problem.

Your Barn Will Be Much Cleaner

With the floor troughs in place, your barn will be much cleaner. You can make the areas under the floor troughs into a sewer system of sorts, whereby a regular flushing of the floor troughs sends everything in them into a giant septic holding tank. That, in turn, provides you with your liquid manure for fertilizing crops in the spring. Your barn is much cleaner for it, too.

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