How To Hide Scratches In Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring provides a luxurious and warm aesthetic to your home, but like all flooring materials, is subjected to a great deal of wear during the normal course of its life. Over time, this means that various forms of damage can begin to appear, such as large scratches and gouges in the surface of the wood itself. While excessive wear can necessitate having the surface of your floor refinished or the entire floor replaced, individual scratches can fortunately be hidden or disguised in a number of different ways to preserve the aesthetic of your hardwood flooring.


For minor scratches that haven't actually scratched into the surface of the wood, but have instead simply left a mark on the stain and seal on the top of your floor, you can usually erase them by simply polishing the scratch in question. Use a specialized wood cleaner and a microfiber cloth to buff the scratched area liberally, reapplying cleaner as necessary until the scratch has completely faded away. You may want to apply a thin amount of sealant over the area to prevent against future scratching.


Though it may seem odd, you can take the wax from crayons and color in very minor scratches in your hardwood flooring to disguise them from the naked eye. Choose a crayon that best matches the stain that is applied on your floor already: you may have to combine multiple colors to get the best results.

Spot Sanding

For shallow scratches that cover a fairly large area of your hardwood floors, or for a particular individual scratch that isn't very deep but just isn't being disguised by the other methods, you'll want to take very fine sandpaper and sand the scratched area down. Keep going until the scratches are barely visible, sanding with the grain. Once the wood has been exposed, you can apply regular wood stain with a paintbrush to make the area match the rest of your flooring.

Wood Putty

For particularly deep scratches in your wood flooring, you'll want to make use of wood putty to fill the gaps in. Wood putty can be purchased at most hardware stores, and then put into place using a putty knife, or even smoothing it down with your thumb for particularly small but deep scratches. Then, sand it down so that it is perfectly level with the rest of your floor, and apply stain to the putty so that it nearly matches the appearance of the surrounding floorboards. 

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