5 Rules For Picking Awesome Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are one of the key elements of kitchen designs. Since there are thousands upon thousands of different cabinet options, it is easy to get lost in a sea of choices as you search for the right cabinets for your home. Yet, there are five primary rules you can follow to ensure you pick the right cabinets.

1. Match the cabinets to your floor.

Aside from the cabinets, the floor is the other primary surface in your kitchen. For this reason, it is important that the cabinets and floor match. They do not have to be made from the exact same material or be the same color, but they do have to be complementary. For instance, you could choose dark gray cabinets and a lighter gray floor -- or cabinets and flooring made from the same natural walnut.

2. Choose doors made from a hard material.

The cabinet boxes can be made from pine or another softwood since any damage they suffer won't be readily visible. But you should always buy cabinets with hardwood doors. Such doors are less likely to get scratched or nicked, so you don't need to worry if you bump something into them. Doors made from softer materials will look worn and used within a few months -- they're not worth the price, even if the price is low.

3. Stick with traditional.

There are a lot of trendy cabinets out there, but unless you can afford to buy new cabinets every three or four years, it is better to stick with more traditional styles. Shaker-style doors, natural wood finishes, and simple hinges are always stylish. These options will keep your kitchen looking well-coordinated for years to come.

4. Be imaginative with your hardware.

If you must have a little fun with your cabinets, be imaginative with your hardware choices. Use a strange metal, have the hardware engraved with your initials, or choose door pulls with little watermelons on them. If you grow tired of the hardware, you can always switch it out at a low cost.

5. Test them out.

Before you buy a particular type of cabinet, look at it in person, and try opening and closing it. You want cabinets that open and close smoothly -- not ones that feel sticky or resistant.

Follow the rules above, and you will have an easier time finding cabinets that look great and serve you well. For more information, contact professionals that offer cabinetry in your area. 

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