Answers Business Leaders Considering Installing Epoxy Flooring

Decisions concerning your business's floor will be some of the most important decisions you make regarding the interior of your enterprise. One of the more effective but often overlooked options is epoxy flooring.

How Can Epoxy Flooring Benefit Your Business?

Epoxy flooring is an extreme option that can be ideal for businesses that frequently need to move heavy or sharp objects along the floor as epoxy will not be prone to scratching. Also, epoxy flooring can be less likely to become slick due to spills. Lastly, epoxy flooring is a fairly soft option, and this can reduce the discomfort individuals may feel from needing to stand on it for long periods of time. Due to epoxy flooring's high durability, it will also last for many years longer than other types of flooring, and this can help to reduce maintenance and replacement costs for the business.

Are Lengthy Closures Necessary To Install Epoxy Flooring?

Changing the flooring of your business will be a fairly major project. Unfortunately, it is likely impossible to completely avoid closing the business. However, the process of installing epoxy flooring is fairly quick, and this can help to keep these closures to a minimum. In many instances, a business may only need to be closed for a day in order to have this type of flooring installed. It should be noted that longer closures may be necessary depending on the size of the floor that was installed along with whether specialized epoxy was used as some may need longer to cure.

What Should You Do If Your Epoxy Flooring Suffers A Tear?

While epoxy flooring is extremely durable, there is a chance that it could suffer a tear. In the event that the epoxy flooring suffers a tear, you should inspect it to determine whether it goes all the way through the flooring. During this inspection, be careful not to make the tear worse by pulling on it too hard. If the tear is relatively shallow, it should be able to be patched using a store-bought kit. However, tears that go all the way through the epoxy may require professional epoxy floor service to repair. Attempting to use a store-bought kit on one of these severe tears is unlikely to be successful as the adhesive that is included in this kit may not be strong enough to hold both sides of the epoxy together. If you are unable to repair this tear immediately, you should place a piece of waterproof duct tape over it. This will close the tear so that water is unable to get inside it.

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