2019 Trend Alert | 4 Hot Carpet Styles That Everyone Wants

While carpet may seem like a modern design trend, the first mill in the United States was actually built in 1791, not that long after the Revolutionary War. While those first carpets were woven into narrow strips that were hand-stitched together on site, eventually looms grew wider to accommodate the broadloom, or wall-to-wall carpet, that we are accustomed to today. 

Design trends fluctuate from decade to decade, but the latest trends do not reflect any one style. In fact, the carpet styles listed below could be described as unique. Today's consumers like to be unique in their choices, which has led to carpet being developed in any number of unique styles, patterns, and colors.

Patterns, patterns, and more patterns

Patterns in carpet are extremely popular, from oversized florals to plaids and everything in between. Consumers are making bold choices due to carpet's low cost (compared to hardwoods) and readily available options. There is also a growing eclectic design trend that shoehorns nicely with patterned carpet.

Animal prints

In years past, one would expect to find leopard carpet in a poker room in Vegas, a 1960s movie set, or a seedy hotel. Now, however, leopard is back and it brought some friends. Think cheetah, tiger stripes, python, and even wall-to-wall purple zebra. There is even a subtle, tone-on-tone taupe antelope that has gone viral on social media. It's like a broadloom African safari out there. 


Carpet manufacturers figured out that Americans like the glow-in-the-dark carpet that is often featured at 'Glow & Bowl' nights at the local bowling alley. Instead of strictly selling to commercial clients, they have made crazy carpet that loves a good black light available to the general public. The over-the-top carpet is popular in basements as well as home theaters.


Whether you call it California shag, new shag, or frieze (the manufacturers prefer this one), you may not be as turned off by this 70s throwback as you once were. In fact, it's growing on the rest of America, too. To get that shaggy look, the carpet fibers are cut and twisted so that they are curly and stand up. They do require a little extra vacuuming to stay perky, however.   

The rule for carpet in 2019 and beyond is that there are no more rules. Pick the vibrant color or wild pattern. Engage your wild side or throwback to shag. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Pick the carpet that you love. For more information, reach out to companies like Floorco Flooring.

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